Letter to Residents

Dear Resident,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Just like all of you, the team at National CORE has been following the news and keeping apprised of the latest guidelines regarding the Coronavirus. We have created an emergency preparedness task force that meets daily to discuss the everchanging landscape and we are making the necessary adjustments to protect the safety of our residents and employees.

The crisis created by the Coronavirus is impacting all of us. We are doing our best to protect your well-being and offer assistance during this uncertain time. As part of our community, it is critical that we all do our part to help each other as we move forward with as much normalcy as possible.

For those of you who have been economically impacted by the Coronavirus, National CORE will be following all federal, state and local mandates regarding delayed rent payment, due to:

  • A substantial decrease in income caused by layoffs or a reduction in the number of hours worked;
  • Substantial out-of-pocket medical expenses caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Documentation will be required per federal, state, and local guidelines.

For any questions regarding National CORE’s policy on delayed rent payments, please email (info@nationalcore.org).

Hope through Housing’s services coordinators also are available to be of assistance with local community resources. To find the services coordinator for your site, please go to https://hthf.org/about-us/hope-team/services-coordinators/ for a complete list.

For more information on our efforts at the community level, please visit www.nationalcore.org/healthycommunities.

Stay Safe,


Steve PonTell

President and CEO

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