April 2016 Newsletter

From the CEO

Housing Principle #1

Steve PonTell, President and CEO
National Community Renaissance

Housing is essential to a healthy, thriving community. It’s no accident that this is the first of nine principles National CORE has adopted to encourage local leaders to facilitate, and not obstruct, the development of high-quality housing. In the weeks ahead, we’ll share the others, but it’s this simple statement that sets the tone for the opportunities and challenges we confront in the face of a deepening housing crisis. Without adequate housing, families are forced to live in overcrowded conditions, overtaxed code enforcement departments are unable to keep up with hastily and illegally constructed living quarters, student performance declines and community health suffers. Without adequate housing, home and apartment prices soar, businesses can’t afford to pay their employees enough, and both – workers and companies – eventually leave. Without adequate housing, the quality of life declines for communities and entire regions. Yes, housing is essential to a healthy, thriving community. Ignoring that any longer is a mistake we cannot afford.

Read Steve’s latest piece in the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Every Day is Earth Day



National CORE has enlisted a powerful army in California’s war on drought – its residents – and the result could be a shift in the role multifamily housing plays in addressing water’s new reality. Last year, we launched an aggressive program to significantly reduce water use at our California properties. Through turf removal, smart irrigation and installation of high-efficiency fixtures, National CORE saved 11 million gallons of water in the first six months.

Now, with the help of residents we hope to see even greater savings. In recent weeks, National CORE has launched a competition at 10 properties, using resident education and community events to educate individuals and families on the importance of water conservation. “We’re conserving from one end to the other, using every opportunity to save water – and electricity and gas as well,” said Robert Noeth, Energy and Sustainability Analyst for National CORE. “We can’t do it by ourselves, however. And that’s where the competition and ongoing education come into play.” For more on this effort, click here.

Shown here is a kickoff event at one of our Rancho Cucamonga properties.



CORE CEO Testifies to Congress

Public-private partnerships and a non-profit business model are needed to address a critical shortage of affordable housing that is forcing substandard living conditions onto middle class Americans, National CORE CEO Steve PonTell told Congress. In written testimony March 22 before the House Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance, PonTell said the federal government’s top-down approach to affordable housing no longer works. That model relies on public housing agencies using tens of billions of dollars in annual subsidies to support project- and tenant-based low-income housing programs. “The shortfalls and challenges of this approach are becoming increasingly obvious,” PonTell said. “A tight federal budget environment has squeezed funding for these programs, public housing agencies have very limited resources to develop new units, and the stock of existing units continues to shrink as a result of decades old buildings not being adequately rehabilitated and maintained.” Well-run nonprofit community builders are able to leverage available state and federal funding with other sources of private financing, while also providing “critically needed services to residents,” PonTell said.

CORECast: Affordable Housing Podcast

Download the latest episode of CORECast. In this episode, economist and author Joel Kotkin joins Steve PonTell and Jonathan Kendrick to discuss his latest report, “The Cost of Not Housing.” Plus, the popular Water Cooler, What We Learned and Michael Novogradac’s Tax Credit Highlights!

Las Palmas Time-Lapse

National CORE celebrated the grand opening of Las Palmas in San Clemente, CA on March 2nd. Watch our time-lapse video from the project to see our construction team in action.

Save the Date

Upcoming events for National CORE and Hope through Housing. For more information, please contact Christy Schroeder at cschroeder@nationalcore.org or call (909) 204-3423.

Waterman Gardens Groundbreaking
June 2016


National CORE Day at the Quakes
August 13, 2016


National Community Renaissance presents
“An Evening of Hope”
November 10, 2016

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News and Notes

Around National CORE

Easter celebrations across National CORE & Hope through Housing:


Stone Ridge/Cedar Ridge Apartments, Little Rock, AR


Waterman Gardens, San Bernardino, CA


Vista Terraza, San Diego, CA: A circus acrobat, face painting and raffles highlighted our Carnival event in April.


Monterey Village, Rancho Cucamonga, CA: More than 120 children participated in our Junior Olympics.


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