Providing seniors, families and youth with quality, best-practice services is an investment in their future and that of their neighborhoods. National CORE’s Hope through Housing Foundation knows that to affect long-term and significant community change, housing is only the first step. Once safe, quality housing is achieved, true revitalization occurs when there is access to resources that promote prosperity, quality of life and physical well-being. HOPE enhances National CORE communities with a wide range of services:


Financial Self-Sufficiency

  • Financial literacy
  • Asset-building tools
  • Pathway to homeownership

Child Development

  • Head Start and State preschool
  • Social and emotional skill development
  • Reading and math skills development

Youth Development

  • K-12 academic & enrichment programming
  • Homework assistance
  • Violence prevention programs
  • Physical recreation
  • Family involvement activities

Senior Services/Independent Living

  • Care management
  • Benefits and entitlement counseling
  • Onsite food banks
  • In-house health clinics
  • Special assistance for disabled adults

Special Needs Services

  • Support for disabled adults
  • Socialization for formerly homeless adults


Hope through Housing Foundation provides its premier social services
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familyCORE and HOPE are focused on helping families attain greater economic prosperity and mobility. Financial literacy training provides needed information and assistance on budgeting, banking and overall money management with the goal of assisting our residents in becoming more self-sufficient.

childservicesHOPE partners with Head Start and licensed preschool services onsite at many of our multifamily complexes. All services are designed to prepare preschoolers for entry into kindergarten. This emphasis on school readiness includes a focus on developing children’s social and emotional skills as well as early reading and writing skills.

youthservicesOur quality afterschool programs serve children in grades K-12 who live in our properties or surrounding neighborhoods. Trained staff provide homework assistance, a healthy snack, physical recreation, and activities that reinforce math, literacy, and other academic skills. Programs also emphasize violence prevention.

seniorservicesHOPE’s Connections to Care model offers seniors and individuals with disabilities the opportunity to remain in their homes with dignity for as long as possible. Care Managers ensure that residents have sufficient basic needs, preventative and basic health care, and that they maintain social interaction.
Together these core services help
bridge the gap between community
and home.


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