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The housing crisis has made clear that achieving an adequate supply of appropriately-priced housing should be a principal policy concern for our nation. Across the country, incomes have not kept pace with rising housing prices. As a result, families today expend a far higher proportion of their income for housing than ever before. This has disproportionately impacted young, poor, minority, and working class populations. As a thought leader and one of the nation’s largest nonprofit developers of affordable housing, National CORE has commissioned groundbreaking studies on this issue to explore how the market can begin to produce an adequate supply of housing that is affordable for families.

The Cost of NOT Housing

by Joel Kotkin

Housing the Future: The Inland Empire as Southern California’s Indispensable Geography

by Joel Kotkin with Wendell Cox and Mark Schill

America’s Emerging Housing Crisis

by Joel Kotkin with Wendell Cox

America’s Emerging Housing Crisis Supplement – A Deeper Look at Three Study Areas

by Joel Kotkin with Wendell Cox

Is the Dream Dead? — Housing’s Next Challenge

by Joel Kotkin with Steve PonTell

Rising to the Challenge of Creating Affordable Housing

by Steve PonTell

Planning for a Better Waterman Gardens

by Daniel Nackerman

Rebuild San Bernardino Block by Block

by Steve PonTell

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