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Through this platform, we hope to empower and inspire our viewers to never give up on their dreams and to embrace a life of endless possibilities.

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Join host Paul Tully on an inspiring journey that celebrates the resilience and triumphs of individuals from all walks of life. Be prepared to be moved, motivated and transformed!

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Ready to explore more of Paul’s transformative conversations? Check out some of our featured episodes below, where Paul delves into captivating stories of resilience, triumph, and personal transformation.

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What people are saying about FYI

“Her journey in acting is seriously motivational! Hearing how she uses it to embrace her identity and push for inclusiveness in the industry is inspiring.”

from A Hispanic Couple’s Inspiring Commitment and Sacrifice to Become Actors in Hollywood

“Hearing about Sabrina’s journey makes me think about embracing authenticity in my own life. We spend so much time worrying about what other people think, but at the end of the day, being true to yourself is what really matters.”

from Through Breakdowns Lies the Opportunity for Transformation and Empowerment

“When you focus on your passion, success is just around the corner.”

from Transformative Power: Learn Growth & Healing from Daniel Vargas’ Inspiring Story

“Steve Way totally gets it! Life can be full of frustrations, but it’s important to rise above and show empathy towards others.”

from Cultivating Resilience and Determination: Steve’s Beacon of Hope in a Changing World

“When you’re going through tough times, and you watch her story, man, that’s when you realize that you should never lose hope.”

from Inspiration During Tough Times: How a Once Paralyzed Actress Started a Film Festival Despite it All

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