Property Management

By managing our properties in-house, National CORE ensures that our high standards of quality are upheld.

High-quality management and a long-term focus are keys to preserving the integrity of our communities and providing a positive environment for our residents. National CORE’s Property Management division includes expertise in property management, compliance, asset management and risk management. By managing our communities in-house, National CORE ensures that our high standards of quality are upheld.


With more than two decades of experience in property management, National CORE’s team of talented managers, leasing agents and maintenance staff has a passion to influence our residents and surrounding neighbors with an entrepreneurial spirit that allows for resident economic mobility and a thriving community. At least one of our employees lives on site at each of our communities. National CORE’s expertise in resident service programs, facilities management, maintenance, leasing, and compliance with affordable housing regulations allows owners and agents to place their trust in our services and achieve the highest level of resident satisfaction. National CORE is consistently ranked as a top 50 apartment management company by the National Apartment Association.


National CORE’s Compliance division maintains a service-oriented approach designed to assist owners and agents in complying with the many complex federal and state housing regulations. The professionals on our Compliance team undergo extensive training and are certified as both Tax Credit and HUD Occupancy Specialists. Our team is highly experienced in developments with multiple layers of funding (i.e., LIHTC, HUD, HOME,) that require a unique technical skillset to keep our company in good standing with our local, state and federal agencies.


Asset Management bridges the gap between property management and ownership, and oversees each National CORE community through a balanced approach. The success of a community comes from the combination of property management, maintenance and capital improvements, investor and lender relationships, and ongoing compliance requirements. National CORE’s Asset Management division monitors and manages this equilibrium by working with all departments and agencies through comprehensive asset management planning, financial reviews, onsite physical and staff evaluations, debt restructuring/re-syndication, review of agency requirements and documentation plus constant communication.


National CORE’s award-winning Risk Management division oversees all insurance and bonding requirements for National CORE’s more than 80 communities. Regular walking of properties, playground safety inspection logs, and health and safety training for onsite personnel helps identify potential risks and hazards. The Risk Management division also takes the lead on property and company-wide emergency preparedness and has experience in responding to natural disasters. Insurance management includes the maintenance of low loss levels, distinct policies during new construction and rehab phases, and the verification of proper insurance for the company’s more than 200 vendors. The division’s primary function is to promote the health and safety of residents, visitors and employees, and to protect them as much as possible from injury or harm.


Areas of Focus

  • Onsite Property Management
  • Community Liaison
  • Resident Service Programs
  • Routine Preventative Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Long-Term Maintenance Planning
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management


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