Conservation Efforts

At National CORE, we strive to do our part to develop sustainable communities and implement conservation programs that maintain the health and stability of our neighborhoods.

With the State of California in the throes of a historic drought, National CORE began a system-wide conservation program in 2015 that saved nearly 11 million gallons of water in the first six months.
Conservation efforts include:

  • Turf removal and smart irrigation. To date, nearly a quarter of a million square feet of turf has been replaced with drought-tolerant plants.
  • Installation of high efficiency toilets, shower heads and flow restrictors, saving 26.6 million gallons of water per year
  • Installation of high efficiency front load washers, saving 9.3 million gallons of water per year
  • Installation of Demand Control Devices, enabling National CORE to heat water on demand and reducing electric and gas consumption
  • Installation of Wi-Fi controlled thermostats, saving 30 percent on cooling and heating costs
  • LED lighting upgrades: LED bulbs have a 15-year life span and use 70 percent less energy

For more information on National CORE’s conservation efforts, please contact Frank Taiese, Energy and Sustainability Coordinator, at [email protected]

WegoWiseNational CORE partners with WegoWise to achieve ambitious water- and energy- usage reduction goals. WegoWise, an online platform that tracks, analyzes, and benchmarks usage and cost data, gives National CORE a clear vision of how its properties are using water, electricity, and gas, so the team can set priorities. By tracking utility data for their portfolio as a whole, National CORE can identify which buildings need the most improvement and prioritize and track retrofits with the biggest ROI. National CORE has achieved double-digit water usage reductions, with individual properties saving as much as 52% on water, since signing on with WegoWise.

“Most Water Efficient Community” Competition

In February 2015, National CORE launched the first “Doing Our Part” competition at 11 of our properties to enlist the help of residents in water conservation efforts. In August 2016, the property with the largest reduction in water usage will be named the “Most Water Efficient Community.” Residents from that community will have the chance to win prizes, including gift cards, a big screen television and tickets to Disneyland.

Follow us on for more information on our conservation efforts and for updates on our “Doing Our Part” competition.

What Our Partners Say

“Kudos to National CORE for its conservation efforts! In partnership with WASH, they have installed 800 ENERGY-STAR front-load washers in all of their communities’ common-area laundry rooms, saving an estimated 2,779,840 thousand gallons of water and 95,144 kWh of electricity each year. Plus, they’ve reduced emissions by approximately 146,522 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. That’s more than just a drop in the bucket. That’s significant savings that is helping to save our planet.”

-JoAnne Venter, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems

Advanced Environmental Landscape“Over the past few years, CORE has been very dedicated to water management. Our company has adapted to the drought and found ways to help National CORE manage their water usage by preventing water waste, ensuring conservative water usage, and raising awareness with all staff and residents. We are very proud to be working with them, saving millions of gallons of Domestic and Landscape water, and educating everyone around us on how to make sure we are all being conservative and doing our part.”

-Richard Lopez-Blanco and Adrianna Bluhm, Advanced Environmental Landscape

Current Numbers


102,266,700 Gallons

saved since the implementation of our water conservation projects


1,014,785 Kwh

saved since the installation of 6,667 LED light bulbs


18% Savings

since the implementation of our conservation projects


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