National CORE continues to invest in the improvement, maintenance, and security of HUD Section 8 apartment community it purchased and renovated in November 2005.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – National CORE (National CORE) recently completed improvements totaling more than $75,000 to The Cottages Apartments, formerly known as the Our Way Apartments. These renovations are in addition to the $2.3 million invested since the company purchased the property in November, 2005. The Cottages is a HUD Section 8 building and is designated for disabled and elderly residents. In addition, off-duty police K-9 officers patrol the property to help ensure the safety of the community.
The newest renovations included repairing sidewalks; replacing deteriorated wood railings with water/ultraviolet-resistant PVC railings; and fixing drainage issues that contributed to periodic flooding. These recent renovations are part of an ongoing effort to invest in this affordable housing community. In December, 2006 National CORE completed extensive upgrades and renovations that included installation in most units of new dishwashers; cabinets and countertops; upgraded AC systems; ceiling fans; upgraded smoke alarms; new kitchen faucets, bath faucets, and bath sinks; new front and rear porch lights; and extensive drywall repairs and paint. Exterior upgrades included driveway repairs, window replacements, exterior paint, and new tot lot installed.
In addition to these renovations, National CORE on September 1 hired off-duty police K-9 units to patrol the premises after dark. This was in response to residents notifying management of people who lived outside the community trespassing at night. The guards utilize a community-based approach to protecting the property and the response to the K-9 units from the residents has been positive.
“The residents feel safe with the officers here at night’” said property manager Wendy Harris. “This community is home to many elderly and disabled residents and their safety and protection is our priority.”
These continued renovations are part of National CORE’s ongoing mission to create and maintain decent, safe, and affordable housing for the nation’s seniors and families.
National CORE accomplishes neighborhood revitalization and enhancement by developing and managing quality, service-oriented affordable housing. National CORE utilizes a holistic approach to community development. Through its social services arm, Hope Through Housing (HOPE), it delivers quality social services on-site where residents live. Currently operating 8,594 units and housing more than 27,000 individuals in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, and Texas, National CORE will continue to expand into communities where affordable housing and supportive services are most needed.