Nine students traveled from table to table, greeting recruiters and distributing resumes during CORE Academy’s job fair at Rancho Verde’s community center, a National CORE affordable housing community. This event, a collaboration between National CORE and the Hope through Housing Foundation, bridges the gap between a booming industry and the extensive training and certification needed to enter the field.

CORE Academy offers pathways in property management and maintenance services, leveraging National CORE’s 30 years of industry expertise to empower individuals with the tools for sustainable economic mobility. “This program has been really helpful,” said Juan, a CORE Academy graduate. “It’s given me the opportunity to learn and get certified in the maintenance field. Even though I haven’t started my career yet, this is a great way to learn more.”

Juan was one of the nine graduates in the latest cohort, bringing the total to 67 successful graduates since the program’s inception in 2020 across both tracks.

To bolster their entry into the job market, CORE Academy hosted a job fair, inviting partners and industry leaders like Greystar, Lewis Group, JWilliam’s, Career Strategies, InterSolutions, and National CORE. These organizations offered employment and networking opportunities, providing graduates with valuable industry connections.

Beyond technical instruction, CORE Academy prioritizes equipping students with job readiness skills such as resume building, interviewing skills, and professional attire. This comprehensive approach ensures each graduate enters the workforce confidently and prepared to make an impact.

CORE Academy strives to expand its footprint across Los Angeles and San Diego, responding to the increasing demand for skilled professionals in neighboring counties. “This program will provide a lot of opportunities to the communities,” Juan said. “Whether or not I continue to pursue a career in this field, it still helps me in and out of the industry.”

Check out the graduation photos here: CORE Academy Job Fair 2024 | Flickr