Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Chaffey College student Andy Gomez, 29, is poised to start a new career path thanks to the expertise he gained during the inaugural CORE Academy certificate course, a partnership among National CORE, Hope through Housing and Chaffey College.

CORE Academy is a free, 18-week Property Management & Leasing Certificate program created in 2022 that provides a direct college-to-career pipeline in property management. Gomez is one of 26 students in the first cohort, which graduated this December.

He has applied for a leasing consultant job at National CORE.

“Most people just say to go to college and get a degree and that could possibly lead to a job,” Gomez said. “However, the CORE Academy has actually provided me with real-world applications to get a job in property management or leasing so that I can make a positive change in the world.”

National CORE Learning & Development Specialist Nicole Butler teaches the CORE Academy, covering topics such as Leasing Basics I & II; Intermediate Leasing/Property Management I & II; and Advanced Leasing/Property Management I & II.

“CORE introduces students to an industry that allows for incredible opportunity,” Butler said. “There are so many careers in the affordable housing industry and at National CORE. Our grads can work in leasing, property management, finance and even in technology.”

Chaffey College student Eva Vasquez, 56, said the course has set her mind buzzing with new ideas about how to improve productivity at her job at Coldwell Banker – including creating deadlines for payments and more orderly file keeping. Vasquez said the program and Butler’s inspirational teaching inspired her to earn her own real estate license.

“Our organizations pride themselves on being a launching pad for families and individuals to pull themselves out of poverty,” National CORE President Michael Ruane said. “This partnership with Chaffey College extends our mission to a larger community.”

National CORE and Hope through Housing have already lined up CORE Academy offerings for Chaffey College’s spring and fall 2024 semesters, Butler said. The program is so popular that it might expand to allow more students and even an online option, she added.

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