Victorville, Calif. – Tiffany Petty is all about helping people. Even when circumstances left her homeless as a single mother raising three children, she never wavered from trying to help others avoid a similar situation.
“I have to admit, it was very difficult having to sleep in my car after I had just placed someone in a unit. But I’ve always had a passion for this industry and for helping people,” said Tiffany, now Community Manager at National CORE’s Northgate Village community in Victorville.
Tiffany, who lives in an employee unit at Northgate Village, counts her blessings after having spent four months homeless. She had worked at several National CORE communities, but because of the high demand for affordable housing, was not able to get into a unit. Her unit at Northgate came with the promotions she has received since arriving there.
Tiffany credits National CORE with providing “family and support. Some wonderful people work in this company.”
Dan Lorraine, Senior Vice President for Property Management for Rancho Cucamonga-based National CORE, considers Tiffany one of those wonderful people.
“Her story is an extraordinary one, but what is even more remarkable is the type of person Tiffany is,” Lorraine said. “She not only understands what many of our residents are going through, she herself has lived it and pours her heart and soul into making sure they have quality housing and the support services they need.”
Transforming lives and communities is what National CORE is all about, said Dorrie Bryan, Vice President of Human Resources for the nonprofit company.
“Tiffany embodies all that we represent,” Bryan said. “We’re so proud that she is a member of our team, following her passion while helping others avoid some of what she faced.”
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