National CORE’s Miraflores Apartment community will serve as a canvas for a mural featuring brilliant multicolored parrots, baskets shaded in rich Earth tones and red-hot Anaheim peppers, all celebrating the history and spirit of Orange County.

Allison Bamcat, a 35-year-old L.A.-based artist, partnered with National CORE, the Anaheim Housing Authority and the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center to bring her mural to the eyes of the Miraflores affordable housing community, which will provide 86 beautiful homes to families and individuals earning below 60% of the area median income.

The mural was commissioned to bring a splash of color and vitality to the southwest corner of Midway Drive and Anaheim Boulevard, while promoting the importance of affordable housing.

“Muzeo is a firm believer that art works best when it’s built into the fabric of our community,” said Kelly Chidester, Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center executive director. “Working alongside National CORE, the City of Anaheim and Anaheim citizens, we’re able to ensure that the art at Miraflores is accessible, relevant and instills a sense of civic pride. Healthy communities exist when art is present and we’re proud to assist in building a healthy and vibrant neighborhood at Miraflores.”

The mural, which will extend from an interior wall to an exterior wall, will celebrate Orange County-centric themes, including brilliant navy blue and lime green parrots, Latino and Tongva Native American art and basketry, dazzling ripe oranges and red-hot Anaheim peppers.

Bamcat said she has been inspired by National CORE’s commitment to addressing the nation’s housing and homelessness problems.

“National CORE’s mission to provide safe, affordable housing is exactly what we need in this world,” Bamcat said. “National CORE has been so considerate with their eagerness to bring art to their community to make a positive change to the area.”

The mural is the third to grace a recently constructed National CORE development. A 3-D augmented reality mural figures prominently in National CORE’s Fairview Heights community in Inglewood. Another community-focused mural adorns Las Dahlias, a development in East Los Angeles that will open in early summer.

“Murals often reflect the culture, history and values of the community in which they’re situated,” said Cameron Shariati, a National CORE senior development manager. “Incorporating murals into affordable housing projects helps foster a sense of identity and belonging among residents.”

Bamcat gathered ideas for the Miraflores mural during mobile community resource fairs in March and April, where she spoke with residents about how they’d like to see their community and culture represented.

Anaheim resident Miranda Rendoa said she hopes the mural it will inspire her children and other neighborhood kids to become artists and take pride in their community.

“This new mural will be a great way for people in the community to learn about affordable housing and to see how it could look beautiful, too,” added Iliana Romero, an Anaheim resident. “Thanks to social media, people will be able to see this mural when they’re out in the area and then look up National CORE to see the great work they do.”

Rendoa and Romero attended the April 18 resource fair at Revere Elementary School to learn about the latest happenings in their community.

Bamcat said she will host at least one more outreach event in May and start painting the mural in July. It should be finished when the community opens in summer.

“I hope it gives the community pride,” Bamcat said. “I’m designing the mural with the community in mind, and I hope that adults and even children love it – I want my colorful artwork to brighten their days.”