Everyone instantly recognizes the rich, bubbly tones of Becky Bolton’s laugh as it echoes across Vista Verde and Veterans Park – just one of the many ways in which the National CORE community manager makes residents feel welcome and appreciated.

Becky was recently honored by her colleagues for her dedication to National CORE’s mission and for sparking hope and community among our residents.

“Residents can become overwhelmed with their day-to-day tasks, so as part of our job is to ease some of that frustration and help ensure that their housing is stable, comfortable and secure,” said Becky, who oversees the two communities.

Roy, 84, a Vietnam veteran who has resided at Veterans Park since its inception, said Becky is indispensable.

“She listens to us and is such a great person to talk to,” Roy said. “Becky is so genuine that having her at the community makes it all the better. I wish we had her here all the time.”

Becky divides her week between Vista Verde and Veterans Park – dedicating extra care and attention to Veterans Park, National CORE’s first 100% veterans affordable housing community, including those who have been unhoused.

Becky said watching the Hope through Housing and National CORE’s shared vision become a reality for residents is the most fulfilling part of her job.

She works hand in hand with her Hope through Housing counterpart –Services Coordinator Melody Sitt – to ensure the two organizations seamlessly deliver enjoyable stable housing and critical access to the Veterans Association, transportation, medical screenings, economic growth programs and necessities such as food and hygiene products.

Becky has worked tirelessly to build a solid foundation of trust between the team and residents through social gatherings, casual conversations and occasional check-ins.

“Everything she does exceeds the expectations and responsibilities of her role – she encompasses both National CORE and Hope through Housing’s missions,” Melody said. “Becky goes above and beyond for every single resident and approaches every situation with empathy.”