Cynthia, a single mother of three, was laid off from her job during the pandemic, like so many others. With the loss of pay, she started to worry about the future. A resident at the affordable housing community of Villaggio on Route 66, Cynthia became concerned about her financial situation and losing her beautiful home. She feared that once she got behind on her bills it would be impossible to catch up.

As the weeks passed and she waited for unemployment benefits, Cynthia became increasingly concerned. Without a new job or some kind of assistance to get her through this time, she was not going to be able to pay her rent or bills. She decided to reach out to Hope through Housing for assistance. With the help of Economic Mobility Specialist Heidi Reyes, Cynthia applied for rental assistance through the County of San Bernardino. Cynthia also worked with Heidi to create a structured monthly budget to keep her on track for the months ahead.

Today, Cynthia is current on her rent and is able to navigate her finances. She has enrolled in Hope through Housing’s Money Match Savings Programs to help build smart savings habits and to reach her savings goals. With more confidence in her ability, Cynthia is now working towards her dream of becoming a homeowner.

To date, Hope through Housing has provided more than 200 families with financial counseling and assistance, helped residents apply for more than $825,000 in rental assistance, and is offering employment assistance to families who have lost jobs and income during the pandemic.

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