How We’re Doing Our Part to Invest in Our Planet

In honor of Earth Day, we want to take a moment to share our progress in reducing our carbon footprint. At National CORE, we are committed to prioritizing energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainability in each apartment home we build. For the third consecutive year, National CORE was the only nonprofit affordable housing developer to be named a Power Builder by the U.S. Green Building Council, joining an elite group of developers and builders who use sustainable design and construction principles to improve the quality of life for residents.

Carbon Footprint Check-In:

Since 2015, the total carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint from our common areas has decreased by 1.26 million pounds (57,152 metric tons), even as we built nearly 20 new affordable communities. This carbon reduction is equivalent to planting 40,645 trees or taking 154 vehicles, which drive 12,000 miles per year, off the road.

This Year’s Milestones in Sustainable Construction:

  • Opened Vista Verde (101 apartment homes in Ontario)
    • LEED-H Gold, all-electric, transit-oriented and zero net energy (386 kilowatts [kW] of onsite photovoltaic (PV) solar panels provide 100% of Vista Verde’s energy needs)
    • Resident utility bills reduced to $10-20 per month
  • Opened Crestview Terrace (184 apartment homes in San Bernardino)
    • LEED-H Gold, all-electric, transit-oriented, and carbon neutral (207kW of onsite solar panels offset 1/3 of the neighborhood’s energy needs)
  • Opened Fairview Heights (101 apartment homes in Inglewood)
    • LEED-H Gold and transit-oriented with 117kW of onsite solar panels
    • Currently: fuel-switching to all-electric and installing battery storage and EV chargers

National CORE construction team members pose near the LEED Gold certification plaque.


Strong Progress in Decarbonizing Our Existing Portfolio:

  • Installed 6.5MegaWatts of SOMAH-funded PV solar on 55 buildings in our portfolio – equivalent energy to 6000 lbs. of coal
    • This will reduce common area electricity expenses by 40% and resident electricity bills by more than 50%
  • Fuel-switched from natural gas hot water heating systems to electric systems combined with onsite solar at three communities. We are beginning fuel-switching at two more communities in the coming months.

On Earth Day, and every day, National CORE is proud to be investing in our planet through cost-contained, high-performance, sustainable housing.