Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. – Chaffey College in August will launch a landmark Property Management & Leasing Certificate program created by National CORE and Hope through Housing, nonprofits that partner to create affordable housing communities and deliver support services to their residents.

Called CORE Academy, the free, six-course certificate program will equip individuals with limited or no previous experience for entry-level employment in the growing fields of property management and property maintenance. The certificate can be completed in a single semester.

“National CORE and Hope through Housing are excited to be partnering with Chaffey College on this groundbreaking initiative,” National CORE President Michael Ruane said.

“We created CORE Academy in 2022 to fill the gap between available jobs in the multifamily apartment field and the opportunity to develop new job skills among affordable housing residents and others in the community,” Gregory Bradbard, president of Hope through Housing and senior vice president of external affairs for National CORE. “This partnership takes the concept to an entirely new level.”

The certificate will introduce students to the world of property management, with a focus on affordable housing. The program includes the following classes: Leasing Basics I & II; Intermediate Leasing/Property Management I & II; and Advanced Leasing/Property Management I & II.

Chaffey College Superintendent/President Henry D. Shannon called the new program an exciting first step in the college’s partnership with National CORE and Hope through Housing.

“We want the best, most rewarding career paths for our students, and this is a terrific example of how working with the community yields these kinds of opportunities,” Shannon said. “We are grateful to all of our partners for bringing CORE Academy to life.”

Bradbard thanked Assemblymember James C. Ramos, D-San Bernardino, for helping to secure two state budget allocations to build the certificate program as well as to establish a facility for the CORE Academy.

“I am excited to have been a part of helping to assist the CORE Academy/Chaffey College partnership in developing an avenue for our region’s students to receive effective career training that will lead to good wages and also serve as an economic engine for the Inland Empire,” Ramos said.

In addition to the Chaffey College program, CORE Academy teams will work to expand opportunities for career coaching, employment training and job placement that span a variety of career paths beyond the property management industry.

“Our goal is to connect National CORE residents and other low-income individuals with the tools and guidance needed to build employment skills that lead to a living-wage career,” Bradbard said.

Prior to the Chaffey partnership, about 40 students graduated from the National CORE/Hope through Housing program, including Jeidi Baker, now a leasing consultant for National CORE.

“I used to work at a warehouse and then I saw the opportunity that CORE Academy was offering,” Baker said. “The class at CORE Academy gave us all this information. … I graduated from the class, I applied for the job. So I got an interview and here I am.”

To learn more, visit www.HTHF.org/core-academy.

To enroll in classes, visit Chaffey.edu/admissions.

For more information about CORE Academy or assistance from Hope through Housing in career coaching, contact Kimberly J-Franklin at [email protected].

About National CORE

National CORE is one of the largest nonprofit developers in the nation, with a 30-year history of being an innovator in the field. In 2021 National CORE became one of only two affordable housing developers to earn an A+ credit rating from Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings. In 2022, National CORE issued $100 million in Series 2022 Social Bonds to accelerate the development of critically needed affordable housing. Serving more than 25,000 residents, National CORE strives to be a launching pad, not a landing pad, for families struggling financially. In 1998 National CORE created the Hope through Housing Foundation, a philanthropic nonprofit, whose mission is to end the cycle of generational poverty through resident services that promote educational attainment, economic mobility, and overall wellbeing.


About Hope through Housing Foundation

Hope through Housing believes that affordable housing can be a platform for transformational change at the individual and neighborhood level. For more than 20 years, the Hope through Housing Foundation has provided more than 2 million hours of transformational social services helping children and teens achieve success, improving families’ financial well-being, and promoting seniors’ health and wellness. For more information on Hope through Housing, please visit www.hthf.org.


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