Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. – A National CORE partnership is launching a 2.5-year, $400,000 program this month to elevate resident voices in strategies for addressing community health priorities in San Pedro. The One San Pedro Alliance was formed by the One San Pedro Collaborative, a partnership between National CORE, the Richman Group and Century Housing Corp that is revitalizing a 478-unit public housing site over 20 years.

The OSP Alliance is one of 37 organizations to share $13.5 million granted by the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative for pursuing novel approaches to enhancing community health.

“Our San Pedro partnership exemplifies the heart of National CORE’s belief that residents are at the center of our mission. Housing is a significant and critical first step in a program that must include a focus on the services that enable residents to thrive and improve their lives,” National CORE President Michael Ruane said.

“I’m proud of our team members who identified these goals in San Pedro and worked with our partners to secure funding that will transform lives not only for the residents of One San Pedro, but for the community as a whole,” he said.

Accountable Communities for Health (ACHs), like One San Pedro, are designed to break down silos by bringing together many sectors and players within a community to align and transform local systems, all while centering residents’ voices in decision-making.

Using multi-sector and community-based partnerships built on a solid foundation of trust, ACHs empower communities to address persistent and emerging health challenges – and social inequities – in holistic and innovative ways.

“To ensure health for all, we must change how we approach health transformation, starting by making sure everyone is at the table,” said Dr. Tomás J. Aragón, director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and state public health officer. “This major investment in lifting up community voice and centering equity is critical to achieving California’s goal of improved health outcomes, especially for lower-income communities and communities of color.”

The funds will formalize the governance structure for One San Pedro and prioritize resident voices in programs to address community health needs. The team also will cultivate long-term relationships with key partners to ensure a community-centered approach to the housing site’s redevelopment, which is expected to stretch over two decades.

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About National CORE

National CORE is one of the largest nonprofit developers in the nation, with a 30-year history of being an innovator in the field. In 2021 National CORE became one of only two affordable housing developers to earn an A+ credit rating from Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings. In 2022, National CORE issued $100 million in Series 2022 Social Bonds to accelerate the development of critically needed affordable housing. Serving more than 25,000 residents, National CORE strives to be a launching pad, not a landing pad, for families struggling financially. In 1998, National CORE created the Hope through Housing Foundation, a philanthropic nonprofit, whose mission is to end the cycle of generational poverty through resident services that promote educational attainment, economic mobility and overall wellbeing.


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