For more than 30 years, National CORE’s property management team has been addressing the needs of residents, treating them with dignity, compassion and empathy, providing an additional layer of support when needed. In 2012, National CORE launched its own relocation division because of the team’s in-house knowledge of the process and our commitment to residents. We wanted to streamline the process and ensure that residents had the support they needed during the relocation process, which can be disruptive and stressful.  

“Relocation is never fun and that’s why we try to make this process easy for the residents,” said National CORE Relocation Project Manager Chris Paez. “We are here for one reason and that’s for them – that’s why we work hard to ensure that we are able to provide some relief to our residents and make relocation a positive experience.” 

In his role, Chris plans and implements the smooth relocation of residents who have been temporarily displaced by renovation projects, which can include the repainting or replacement of in-home utilities. He is often on-site and works directly with the community to ensure their needs are understood and met throughout every step of the process. For Chris, his work is a labor of love and requires patience to keep residents informed about the relocation process. 

Chris and his team are committed to meeting one on one with residents to minimize hardship, be responsive to residents and their unique project circumstances and provide clear and consistent application of all criteria to meet all guidelines and regulations. Our team of certified relocation experts are committed to streamlining the renovation and relocation process to provide the best resident experience. Chris and his team ensure that residents feel heard and receive the support they need during an incredibly stressful time. 

With the success of National CORE’s relocations division, it has expanded to provide relocation services to third-party partners, such as public housing authorities and other affordable developers. These relocation services include in-place rehab, permanent relocation and temporary moving of residents for renovations. Since 2012, the division has relocated residents from more than 2,500 apartment homes.  

Focusing on minimizing hardships, the relocation division tailors each plan to the corresponding communities using outreach, individual meetings with every household, coordinating transportation, in addition to hosting community meetings and workshops. It is a huge undertaking, but Chris does not do it alone. With a small but mighty team comprised of Courtney Richards, Vice President of Property Management, Sandra White, Property Management Floater and three relocation specialists – Ayanna Jeffrey, Corina Garay and Imran Mohamed. The division is unique in that each member brings their own personal touch whether that is in property management, customer service, construction or even Transitional Aged Youth Housing. 

“We all bring something good and different to the table,” Chris said. “Because everyone has something different to offer, we can use those skills and our combined expertise to tailor our approach to each person. At the end of the day, our goal is to make a tough situation better and get residents back into their homes.”