National CORE Continues to Focus on Training and Promoting its Talented Team

National CORE trains incoming maintenance technicians to not only have a wide array of maintenance capabilities, but also achieve expertise in a certain area, such as plumbing or electrical maintenance. National CORE hires maintenance technicians who are willing to learn and are dedicated to improving the daily lives of residents through best-in-class maintenance and customer service.

“They hired me as an RST – maintenance guy – and then I was promoted every single year for the next six years,” commented Mike Minser, a resident services manager at National CORE.

Mike is enthusiastic and fast-talking, with a “you name it, I can fix it” attitude. He is very proud of the affordable housing community of Rancho Verde Village. The community is 30 years old, but it looks like it was just built. The surrounding grounds are blooming with drought-tolerant agave, desert roses, and other succulents, making Rancho Verde Village feel more like a vacation destination.

Rancho Verde Village provides much-needed affordable housing but looks like luxury apartments. That’s because of the hard work that Mike and his dedicated team do every day to keep Rancho Verde looking beautiful and operating like a well-oiled machine.

“First thing we do, every day, we get on the ground – we start walking our property,” Mike said. “We want to make sure that our curbs are always painted, looking good, make sure our grounds are getting cleaned every single morning. And not only that, when you’re hitting your grounds, you might see something – a car that’s damaged or has expired tags, a leak inside one of these carports. And by walking your grounds and cleaning your property every day, it just makes [residents] want to live here.”

That’s why Mike gets up every day and goes to work. He’s a believer that housing should be of the highest quality and affordable, and he’s committed to providing a great home for hard-working families. “It’s all about maintaining the upkeep of our properties, keeping our residents happy,” he shares.

Mike’s first supervisor recognized his great work ethic and potential, leading to annual promotions and Mike’s current position as the trainer for the next generation of maintenance superstars.

A few years into his time at National CORE, Mike was given the opportunity to join National CORE’s in-house capital improvements team. He started working on large-scale projects like creating a dog park, a water fountain, and a basketball court. As time went on, Mike was given more freedom to make creative decisions. He and the National CORE team decided to build a comprehensive training center at Rancho Verde Village.

“A lot of times we have different skill levels that come into this training. Sometimes we get guys that are really green and don’t know much. [For] those guys it’s perfect, that maintenance shop, because it’s all the basics – outlets, faucets, toilets, the basic maintenance things. But then when you got these veterans that come in having a little more knowledge, or maybe guys that are coming in as maintenance supervisors, I’m able to take them on a deeper scale.”

“Mike is what we look for in our employees. Someone who is hard-working, always looking for ways to do things better, and committed to providing great service to our residents,” commented Dorrie Bryan, Senior Vice President of Operations and Human Resources at National CORE. Find out more about job openings at National CORE.