Major Milestone: One San Pedro Transformation Plan

After more than 18 months of collaborative work between National CORE and its partners, the final One San Pedro Transformation Plan for Rancho San Pedro has been completed and submitted to HUD. This Plan represents the culmination of a massive effort that consisted of extensive hands-on community outreach, thoughtful planning and design work, due diligence and assessment activities, and the laying of a foundation for a collective impact effort to transform the lives of residents. The document will evolve into an entitlement action, namely a specific plan, and related environmental analysis.

On the 23rd of April, a resolution was approved by the HACLA board of commissioners to authorize Phase II of the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement which officially initiate the next steps of the Rancho San Pedro revitalization process. This second stage includes the completion of milestones such as: the potential integration of additional sites in San Pedro, environmental review, resident relocation, and entitlement processing. National CORE will expand on the collaborative work produced thus far, as we take the lead in preparing the specific plan and continue to provide support for securing approval for necessary environmental review.

Moving forward, the One San Pedro Collective will continue to build upon the feedback and guidance received from community stakeholders. Subsequent stages will focus on financing and commencement of construction. Ultimately, this process will lead to future development activity that contemplates upwards of 1,400 rental and home ownership opportunities, parks and open space, commercial and supportive service space, as well as many other community benefits.

We are proud of National CORE’s role in this effort, but our vision could not be implemented without the dedication of our partners. These include the residents of Rancho San Pedro, The Housing Authority of the City of LA, The Richman Group, Century Housing, and City Fabrick. Together, we are transforming Downtown San Pedro into a connected, thriving community!

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